Monday, March 21, 2011

Procrastination is like Masturbation?

Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only fooling yourself coz you fail to get laid. - Monty Python

Sorry for not updating this blog for ages.
I admit that I don't have consistent passion & dedication in blogging.
Not even claiming myself as a blogger. (not qualified yet).
But all the event & incident that happens around me lately had finally urge me to write again.
Not to bored readers with my personal interest (lame!), but to share thoughts and ideas of current issues that are significant to the public at large.
Will be back soon for a new critical post.

p.s : (I had this 'calling' when I found article quoting this notation, I feel that ideas (good or bad) will be a waste if it's not shared.)
  • Maybe you don't like your job, maybe you didn't get enough sleep, well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep. Maybe you just had the worst day of your life, but you know, there's no escape, there's no excuse, so just suck up and be nice. ~Ani Difranco
  • The two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow. ~Author Unknown
  • Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure. ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin
  • Orang yang bertanggungjawab akan mnghargai masa dan peluang yang diberikan. Perlu kita memahami tujuan hidup dan peranan diri sendiri. Jadi, seharusnya hadapilah perkara yang boleh diselesaikan pada hari ini dan tidak menangguhkannya sesuai dengan firman Allah yang bermaksud: “Dan jangan sekali-kali kamu mengatakan terhadap sesuatu, “sesungguhnya aku akan melakukannya keesokan hari”. (Surah al-Kahfi, ayat 23) Sifat suka menangguhkan kerja akan menyebabkan kerja itu bertimbun dan akhirnya ia tidak dapat disiapkan dengan sempurna. Ia akan menjadi beban berpanjangan kepada kita.
Interesting link to share about procrastination :

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tribute to Pak Lah...

Profile of Pak Lah

Abdullah Badawi was born in 26 November 1939 (1939-11-26 at Kampung Perlis, Bayan Lepas, Penang to a prominent religious family. Badawi's paternal grandfather, Syeikh Abdullah Badawi Fahim, was of Arab descent. Syeikh Abdullah was a well-respected religious leader and nationalist, was one of the founding members of Hizbul Muslimin, later known as PAS. After independence, Syeikh Abdullah became the first mufti of Penang after Independence.His father, Ahmad Badawi, was a prominent religious figure and UMNO member. His maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Utsul Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan.

Abdullah Badawi is a former student of Bukit Mertajam High School
. He studied in MBS(Methodist Boy's School) Penang for his 6th form. After failing to enrol into his first choice course, economics, Badawi opted to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from the University of Malaya.

After graduating from the University of Malaya, he joined the Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Corps (Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik). He served as Director of Youth at the Ministry of Youth and Sport as well as secretary of the National Emergency Council (MAGERAN). He resigned in 1978 to become the member of parliament for his constituency of Kepala Batas.

Pak Lah gazette initiated Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture, Malaysia.

Enforce policy and acts to protect the rights of children and women.

He provide greater transparency and media fr

(Click on image to get a full view)

Organize the Non-Aligned Movements and other regions co-operations.

Promote the Council of Foreign Policy

Famous Personal Quote : "...Bekerja dengan saya, bukan untuk saya.."

(Work WITH me, not FOR me)

National Aspiration : " Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang "

(Excellent, Glory and Accountable)

Endorsed Anti Corruption Bodies (Badan Pencegah Rasuah) to Anti-Corruption Commission (SuruhanJaya Pencegah Rasuah).

Introduce National Integrity Plan

Promoted Civilizational Islamic Concept (Islam Hadhari)

Started great economic plan - 5 Development Corridor :

Iskandar Development Region Corridor (IDR),

North Corridor Economic Region (NCER),

East Coast Economic Region (ECER),

Regional Economic Development Authority (RECODA),

Sabah Development Corridor (SDC).

Program: launching of Coffee Table Book ‘Pak Lah’

Venue : Auditorium Perdana, Angkasapuri, Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

Date & Time : 7th April 2010, 11.00 a.m.

Organizer : BERNAMA News Agency, Ministry of Information, Communication & Culture, Malaysia (Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi & Kebudayaan).

VVIP : Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & YAB Tun Jeanne Abdullah

Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim & Datin Seri Maznah Rais

Senator Heng Seai Kie

The launching of Coffee Table Book ‘Pak Lah’ was organized last Wednesday. It was such complimentary to see a person was being appreciated in a dignity and pride. The normal protocol and arrangement was held from beginning towards the end.

To such common person or layman as mine, having a typical minded on that kind of program is just another boring is normal. Somehow, I take the initiative to be optimist, and try to benefits at the utmost. As a matter of fact, I did gain some knowledge from it. I think this kind of recognition is way better than handing an awards, plaque/trophy or certificates.

Why? Bcoz if a person is given a unit of object or material, he will definitely be grateful but end up at his personal hall of fame or if he’s lucky enough (very famous person) his stuff will be displayed at the museum. But the creation of things like coffee table book, manuscript, autobiographies and others will be a perfect memorabilia to share it with all the people that knows him. Once it is publicized, the good name is expanded in better comprehension by people at large.

It seems that the contribution, commitment and dedication of Pak Lah for our nation is definitely worth a reminiscence throughout years to come. Regardless his service for the nation is only one term, there were many improvements and great ideas been perform for the betterment of our lovely Malaysia.

In this event, i had jot down interesting notation in a speech by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim

  • Describe Pak Lah personality as person of humble, approachable, pious and accentuate east culture.
  • Dato’ Rais also cited an interesting poetic (pantun) :

Kalau nak tahu tingginya awan,

Panjatlah dulu si pokok manggis,

Kalau nak tahu hati budi kawan,

Tengoklah dulu siapa sama-sama menangis.

(the English translation will be similar to ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’…)

* Those might sound cliché but it is obvious, you are a lucky person if there are friends to cope up when the self is in misery. (I can say that nowadays, friend with that quality is rare and almost extinct. Many of our acquaintances will mutual with us for purposive intention)

  • Dato’ Rais knot his speech with the quotes by John F. Kennedy during his Inaugural speech (20/01/1961) :

Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

For the intermission, the guests were entertained by Penang Cultural Boria named ‘Pak Lah’ performed by Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara.

(Eventhough I’m Penangites, I less-interested in the arts of Boria compared to Zapin, Bharatanatyam, Lion Dance and Sumazau Dance. Nevermind, the boria is highly entertaining after all..hehe.)

For latter, a specially dedicated Poetic Song (the original poem were written by Pak Lah) perfomed by Siso Kopratasa titled ‘Aku Cari Damai Abadi’

(I adore how this high-artistic-sense deliver the song in a simple yet touched our thoughts.)

Aku Cari Damai Abadi

Aku cari bukan harta bertimbun-timbun,

Untuk hidup kaya,
Aku cari bukan wang berjuta-juta,
Untuk hidup bergaya,
Aku cari bukan kawan-kawan,
Untuk hidup sekadar berfoya-foya,
Aku cari mana dia Al-Ghazali,
Aku cari mana dia Al-Shafie,
Kita bongkar rahsia kitab suci,
Cari pedoman

Kita bongkar rahsia sunnah nabi

Cari panduan
Aku hidup kerana Dia Rabbi
Dialah teman
Dialah wali

Dia mencukupi
Aku hidup bererti

Menikmati Damai Abadi

Interesting fact about this poem :

  • Written by Malaysian 5th Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
  • During Malam Puisi Utusan ke-10 (2003) this poem were recited as it fits the event theme 'Damai Itu Indah'.
  • This poem receive lots of appreciation as much as Tun Dr. Mahathir’s poem ‘Perjuangan Belum Selesai’.
  • The poem in English is called 'I Seek Eternal Peace' were also translated into more than 80 languages and published into a book (2008) by Associate Profesor Dr. Victor A. Pogadaev , A Russian scholar from Universiti Malaya.

Sponsors of the book had receive souvenir for their contribution in materializing the book, the representative were:

  • Mr. Rosli Ismail (Officer, Permodalan Nasional Berhad)
  • Miss Zarina Abu Bakar (General Manager, Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana)
  • Mr. Ahmad Zaki Haji Rasid (Head of Government Relations and Corporate Communication Tenaga Nasional Berhad)
  • Mr. Ali Bin Mohamed (Representative from Melaka State Government)
  • Mr. Nurazli (Executive Officer, Northern Corridor Implementation Authority)
  • Mr. Rosmah Mahmud (Corporate Communication Officer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad)
  • Representative of Health Ministry, Malaysia.
  • Othman Abu Bakar (Sime Darby Berhad)
  • Representative of Regional Economic Development Authority (Sarawak)
  • Representative of Sabah Development Corridor
  • Malbir Singh (Iskandar Development Region).

At the end of the event, Pak Lah receive souvenir from KPKK which is a custom-made digital frame featuring the 400 pages of Pak Lah Coffee Table Book.

DSU Dr. Rais Yatim gave Pak Lah a special tongkat (cane) as he personally know the former PM hobbies is collecting exotic and unique cane from lots of places.

Afterwards, a Press Conference was held to interview Pak Lah & DSU Dr. Rais Yatim.

Coffee Table Book 'Pak Lah'

Patron : Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim

Advisor : Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Annuar Zaini (former chairman BERNAMA)

Editor : Mr. Hasnol Hassan (General Manager, BERNAMA News Agency)

The 308 pages book is available in Malay Version & English version.

Content :

  • According to BERNAMA Photo Marketing Manager, Azizul Ahmad, the book contains various pictorial documentation concerning the activities attended by YAB Tun Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from year 2003 to 2009 while he was the Prime Minister.
  • The limited edition publication will be sell approximately RM200 to the public, can be obtained from 7th Floor, Photo Marketing Division, Wisma Bernama in Jalan Tun Razak from 07 April 2010.
  • It exclusively depicts pictures of seven topics which is regarding constitutional monarchy, administration, perception about Abdullah family, political struggle, interactions with the media, international relations as well as social activities.
  • Dato’ Rais will recommend the he National Library to distribute the book to all libraries in the country, including those in rural areas.
  • He said to the reporter that the total 400 photographs are momentous, compelling and crisp, and accompanied by a nice narrative and accurate description from BERNAMA archive and Dato’ Rais personal collection.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After some bundle of entry, I’d forgotten about sharing my wind-mind in .A.L.A.M.A.M.R.Y. (at a glance + speed articulation, this blog title sounds like .A.L.M.A.R.I…haha..a cupboard with chatterbox function. Silly me!)

I’ve got a motivational book named Motivasi Diri : Membina Imaginasi Cemerlang, and the author is Dr.HM Tuah Iskandar Al-Haj. It was inspiring notes & help to build self-esteem and being optimistic. (I’d just read the early chapters, & haven’t got sweet-time to continue. Gosh, MUST grab the geist soon!)

That’s all personal, but will be significant to all my fellow readers when you read further.

In your life, have you encounter incident/situation that is difficult to handle and seems impossible to be solved? Isn’t it about mind-setting/perception. Let’s explore….

“…Tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum, melainkan kaum itu sendiri berusaha mengubah nasib mereka…”

(maaf kalau ayat Al-Quran ini tidak tepat, tetapi maknanya tidak diubah, kelemahan saya).

God says although the fate of each creature is in His verdict, further on, the commandment insist that the person’s is responsible to guide his own destiny.

Yet, after umpteen time of repeating that phrase (over a thousand, four hundreds & thirty-one years of Hijrah), some of us still have shallow minded to achieve their golden goals in life. Saying that it will be damn hard, failure certainty, highly risk & other mumbo-jumbo nagging. HM Tuah said that we started to see the hindrance when we are too skeptic. It’s all about the power of imagination.

Rationalize this statement :

During toddlers, we are eager in self-motivation to crawl or even walk by ourselves & etc. At that time, we are even extremely timid about the surrounding. So, what succeed us to do all that? It was always our subliminal mind.

When we have strong willpower, determination & courage (plus continuous effort), great things happen. Without imagination & trial-error, nobody will expect to see & utilize a gigantic iron-bird (airplane), Moving pictures & sounds comes alive in a box (television) or even the mass dissemination of written scroll in a seconds (blog..hahaha!)

The western continent of this globe had realize this hundred years ago. The scholars and even layman had used the motto 'mind over matters' to inspire their daily life.

(1) “To be is to do” – Socrates (470 BC – 390 BC)

A socratians explanations of the quotes : I want to be a great warrior,

therefore I have to (learn) do so.

Later on, the idea is descended to the 20th century generation.

(2) “To do is to be” – Jean-Paul Sartre (1905 - 1980)

He is a famous philosopher that modify/ develop the quote, which explains a natural

process of doing an action for a long period will result a person being something. E.g

: if a person often procrastinate his work, he will end up being lazy and failure person.

And my all time favorite quote will be:

(3) “Do be do be do”–Francis Albert Sinatra (1915-1998)

It is a so-called humming (or something ad lib) in acapella songs. If you are not sure, take a look at Malaysian artist Shades with the song Malam.

So, when Frank Sinatra secretly commercializes the quote, most of people thought the ‘dubidubidu’ is a meaningless word & just to fill up bridge notes in a song. But when Frankie gets old & when people ask what are the his life quotes, the Ol’ Blue Eyes (his nickname) only smile and utter “Do be do be do”.

You see, how smart he is without even showing off. Anyway, Frankie’s ‘dubidubidu’ means he always thought of telling inspiration/ motivation to help people eversince he was young. He thought about it everynight before sleep & started to become reality when he signed for Capitol Records. His songs ‘My Way’ express the most about his intention. What an ambitious man!

And for all my mumbling above, I hope my dear readers will have the guts to elevate their life status. If you are still indecisive , don’t waste your time coz the solution will be only Ya atau Tidak.

Bak kata Jon BonJovi “It’s now or never” haha!

Akhir kata dari hamba pacar yang hina, anda Tanya la kata hati :

“...Hang nak buat atau takmau buat?...”

(replicate from Shakespearean quote : 'To Be or Not To Be' - Hamlet)

P.S : Tuhan bagi kita pilih, nak jalan Syurga di kanan atau jalan Neraka di kiri, tak ada jalan tengah2…

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Terlebih dahulu dengan kebesaran Allah S.W.T yang Maha Mencipta segala kejadian alam dan Maha Mengkehendaki, marilah kita sama-sama menghadiahkan AL-FATEHAH buat Allahyarham Adik Syafia Humairah Sahari... AL-FATEHAH..!!! Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di dalam peliharaan-Nya.

Ada lagi kes bunuh dan dera kanak-kanak!!!... Rasa bagaikan mahu gugur jantung ini tatkala menonton kisah kanak-kanak malang itu "diterajang, dipukul, ditendang sehingga menemui ajal" yang dipaparkan dalam berita-berita perdana media elektronik malam tadi (Sabtu; 27 Feb 2010).... Memang JAHANAM...!!! Hari ini semua dada akhbar tempatan menyiarkan kisah yang sama dengan liputan yang lebih meluas....

Aduhai Adik Syafia..!!! Apalah dosa kamu sayang, sehingga dirimu diperlakukan sebegitu... Sudahlah dirimu terbiar tanpa perlindungan insan yang bernama AYAH... Kurangnya kasih sayang... Entah makan atau tidak, entah tidur selesa atau tidak... Tapi kini jasadmu sudahpun bersatu dengan asal usul kejadianmu... Apalah malang nasibmu Adik Syafia.... Semoga rohmu tenang dan aman dalam Syurga Allah SWT... Insya Allah...

Wahai manusia...!!!! Sedarkah atau tidak... Nyawa kita semua ini, tak ubah seperti nyawa haiwan atau binatang... Kalau dulu kita selalu dengar, orang mati sebab sakit atau kemalangan...(sememangnya ajal, maut, jodoh, pertemuan adalah ketentuan Tuhan...) Tapi kini, nyawa seorang yang bernama INSAN yang diciptakan oleh Tuhan dengan seribu keagungan dan dilengkapi AKAL, sudah tidak lagi selamat... Sebabnya, sudah ada dan telah ramai haiwan-haiwan yang punyai akal kini mengganas di sini dan sana...

Haiwan-haiwan ini ada rambut, ada mata dan semua lengkap seperti sifat manusia... Berjalan dengan berkaki dua.. Kalau makan, tau pula basuh tangan... Apatah lagi lalu membuang air besar.. tau pula cebok sebab geli dan kotor... Tapi, langsung tidak punyai akal sebagai manusia yang sebenar kerana sanggup buang nyawa orang lain...

Manusia sebegini memang bodoh...!!! Memang bodoh...!!! Memang bodoh...!!! Tuhan mencipta akal menerusi otak yang letaknya di atas kepala... Tapi kenapa dengan bodohnya, otak bagaikan diletak di tapak kaki... Menzalimi kanak-kanak yang tidak tahu menahu, yang lemah, yang aib, yang memerlukan... Bodoh.....!!!!

Ketika di zaman Rasullah SAW sekalipun, antara golongan yang dijaga ketika peperangan ialah; kanak-kanak, wanita dan warga tua... Tapi kini, nyawa seorang kanak-kanak tak ubah seperti nyawa seekor ayam yang dilanggar di tepi jalan... Aduhh... sadisnya dengan apa yang dilihat di kaca televisyen malam tadi.... Beruntunglah kau Syafia, dengan apa yang kamu hadapi sekarang ini akan memberikanmu pembalasan SYURGA oleh Allah SWT.. Insya-Allah..

Bacalah apa yang dipaparkan ini:





( )

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


'I don't want to die without scars' (Tyler Durden)

Just now while I was looking for inspirational quotes, I come across Tyler Durden's brilliant cue. I was guessing and playing with the meaning from various perspectives. I’d also try to define the quote with Malay direct translation,

'I don't want to die without scars'. = 'Saya tidak mahu mati tanpa luka / calar'.

Yeah it’s the figurative meaning and rationally make sense. This thought had rhyme myself about the issue of misunderstood. U are given a new knowledge / situation, but you don’t have in-depth knowledge about it. Instead of asking other people & learn it, you feel so egoistic to interpret it ur own way and misunderstood. This is common attitude of our Malay and we should prove our worthy.

The literal meaning of Tyler Durden's quote is (from my personal & limited knowledge) :

A person should not go through a wasted life, doing formatted thing like robot & become kiasu (looser) . Instead, the person should explore knowledge and gain new thing as farthest as possible (scar symbolize experience), to increase self actualization & pride. In Malay words, it is something simillar with...

'...Kekalahan itu boleh dibanggakan, jika anda kalah dengan cara yang bermaruah...'

This issue refresh my memory about our local actress, Sharifah Amani misquote during a prestigious award ceremony. Amani said "I sound silly / stupid when I speak in Malay". She received serious complaints from many people through media. For me, she is both innocent & guilty. Innocent because what she really meant was "she sounds funny talking in Malay (because she uses English in daily life)" and not prepared to use Malay language spontaneously to converse with the partner host. (Anyway, prestigious award were attended by quite educated people & well-verse in English double meaning. I supposed those offended people understand Amani's intention or irrationally sensitive?)

Guilty because she sounds harsh. It would be better if during that time, she explain in good manner explaining to everybody that she's not good in Malay or other acceptable excuses.

To all fellow readers, some of 'our people' have typical and prejudice mind on new things. From ideology, culture, to language and ridiculous issue. The recent incident of 'The usage of Allah name by the Christian' had erupted most of moslem temper. We call ourselves an educated people, but yet-at some parts we react in uncivilized manners. to the extent of throwing arsons to the church. But a peaceful and unity anthem of Malaysia remind us to gain mutual understanding rite? So, why not discuss and have a diplomatic agreement? The September 11 issue & other global Islamic issue had already tarnished our religion great reputation. Thus, don't make it clear that we are terrorist indeed.

Some of our moslem people said they practice the true Islam lifestyle, to the extent of throwing arson to church is label as jihad. Oh dear, have they forgotten the basic sabda of our great prophet Muhammad PBUH which reminds, when a moslem is in jihad (war/battle to protect Islam), they can fight, conquers land & seize the property - but strictly do not harm the any child, women & old/weak people; do not demolish their religious sacred place. Those are factual, so don't become extremist only to serve personal egoistic & destroy the good name of Islam. We are perceived negatively by the international investor & speculator. I'm not on either side; it could be misunderstanding so make a rational/ professional resolution.

Hence, If Che’ Det had the phrase ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’, myself as humble & unknown person would like to emphasize Melayu ku, Jangan Cepat Melatah...!’

p.s>> my fren add up "sanggup mati esok (dengan cara bermaruah), lbh baik daripada hidup lama (umur panjang) tp jd insan yg dihina oleh masyarakat & dilaknat Tuhan".

Panas statement tu...awas ye..!!!

( )